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Nadia is thankful to Phil for letting her stay, but he is uneasy at her staying any longer, because of Kathy. Michelle tries to encourage Shelley to talk to Mark but she does not want to. Meena arrives at the Vic to tell Gita and Sanjay that she and Jerry have split up.

Mark and Clem return from Amsterdam. Clem heads straight to Number 55 to collect his bag. Whilst there, he searches the bag for marijuana but cannot find any. Michelle tells him she has flushed it away and he snaps at her before leaving, disappointed.

Frank learns that the men who paid him a visit are from a rival cab firm. He plans to give them a taste of their own medicine by getting them back, but Pat thinks it is a bad idea.

Tricky Dicky gives Big Ron's stall away, creating uproar from local market traders, including Winston and Tracey.

Shelley reluctantly agrees to talk to Mark, but is upset and tells him she cannot understand why he lied to her.

Grant pins Aidan to a wall on Turpin Road and accuses him of stealing from the Vic.

Cindy meets Kathy at the café to tell her she is worried about Ian, as she thinks his business is going to go bust. Kathy tells her she will consider intervention but makes no promises. She later talks to Phil about helping Ian, but he advises otherwise, telling her that Ian will come to her if he really does need her help.

Aidan cannot find Mandy anywhere, and begins to feel depressed.

Ricky goes to pick Janine up from school, when he finds a group of schoolchildren bullying her. He grabs one of the schoolboys and threatens him. The young boy retaliates by threatening to get his father on him.

Cindy visits Kathy to find out what she will do about Ian and is left speechless when Kathy tells her she will not be doing anything. Kathy then heads to the Vic to sort things out with Phil and Nadia, but is left confused as to where she stands in their ongoing case. Nadia ends up leaving, not wanting to upset Kathy or Phi, but even after she has gone, Kathy tells him she wants to be alone.

A car beeps outside the portacabin and Frank heads outside to investigate, where he finds a man being pushed out of a car and onto the ground.

Meanwhile, in Kathy's flat, a burglar searches her living room. She hears noises and is horrified when the burglar shoves past her and flees.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: Ricky discovers the truth behind Janine's unhappiness and decides to take matters into his own hands, while Frank plots his revenge.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,770,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).