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Karaoke night at the Vic is a laugh for many of the residents. Nigel decides to sing Achy Breaky Heart. Frank and Pat are the victims of even more hoax calls. Nadia returns to the Square to see Phil, ready for the next Home Office visit.

Michelle asks Shelley to get rid of the marijuana as she heads over to the Vic to get Vicki.

Phil turns up to enjoy the night with Kathy, but ends up working behind the bar, as Grant has gone to the dog races.

Michelle chooses to leave Vicki at the Vic as she is asleep. She notices that Shelley has not gotten rid of the marijuana so flushes it down the toilet herself.

Phil takes Nadia into the hallway at the Vic without Kathy seeing, but they are quickly caught together when Kathy asks Sharon where he is and goes to see him. She makes remarks about his "other women", but he insists he only has eyes for her and then goes to sort Nadia out.

Michelle and Shelley recap recent events over alcohol as Michelle eases her mind over Mark and why he did not tell her about his HIV sooner.

Gita finds a receipt in Sanjay's pockets at the flat whilst he is out.

Nigel feels lucky as he surrounds himself with three women and flirts with them all.

Phil visits Kathy after sorting Nadia out and works his way around her stubbornness.

One of Frank's cab drivers decides to stop working for the evening after being "warned off" by three men.

Gita confronts Sanjay over the receipt, which states he went to a restaurant and had champagne for two; he insists it was a wholesaler he was trying to win over, but she seems to doubt him. He phones the wholesaler to prove his honesty but she stops him and says she believes him.

Kathy and Phil make up, but it does not last for long, as she then learns that Nadia is staying at his flat for the time being.

Three men walk into the portacabin to give Frank a message - as of now, he is out of business.


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