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The group of four are still in Amsterdam and Mark, Michelle, Shelley and Clem seem to be enjoying their holiday, but the enjoyment doesn't last for long.

Michelle tells Clem she will not be used by him as and when he wants. He takes her rejection poorly and brings up Jack before heading back to the hotel to find Mark and Shelley, but when he gets there, they are nowhere to be found. He realises they have been back to the bedroom together and stomps off. Michelle tries to calm him down but he shoves her onto the bed.

Shelley struggles to take in Mark's news.

Clem buys more marijuana with money that Michelle has lent him.

Michelle finds Shelley and apologises for not telling her, but reminds her she did try and stop her from seeing him and getting hurt.

Clem finds Mark and the pair start to fight. Michelle and Shelley find them and break it up. Mark storms off so Michelle follows him while Shelley follows Clem.

Mark cannot understand what Michelle's issue is with him and Shelley. She admits she does not know, but she is continuing to struggle to come to terms with his HIV diagnosis.

Clem insults Shelley as he tries to understand just what happened between her and Mark.

Mark and Michelle return to the hotel. Mark wants to see Shelley. She tells him they are over and she feels used. Clem takes everyone's bags outside and the group head to the airport with tensions rife. Michelle chooses to tell Shelley about Clem's move on her. Shelley argues with him and shoves his bag out of his hand. Fed up of the women, Clem walks off. Mark also decides he wants to stay in Amsterdam for longer and follows Clem. Michelle picks Clem's bag up and takes it to the airport with Shelley.

Mark and Clem have a drink at a bar. Clem panics when he remembers he put the drugs in the bag which Michelle is carrying. Mark tries phoning the airport to warn Michelle but cannot get hold of her.

When Michelle and Shelley land in the UK, they are stopped by a customs officer who checks the bags. He does not find anything and lets them continue on their way home. Upon returning to Number 55, Michelle and Shelley plan to head over to the Vic for a drink and to collect Vicki. Michelle goes to get the money she lent Clem and is mortified to pull out several bags of marijuana.


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  • Amsterdam
  • The Queen Victoria - Public area
  • 55 Victoria Road - Sitting room
  • Interior of a Café in Amsterdam
  • Interior of a hotel room in Amsterdam
  • Interior of a Airport in Amsterdam
  • Interior of a plane (unknown airline)
  • Interior and Exterior of a bar in Amsterdam
  • Interior of a Airport in London


  • Radio Times synopsis: Tensions flare up in Amsterdam as relationships are put to the test, and Michelle and Shelley come home with more than they bargained for.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 21,160,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).