Michelle, Mark, Shelley and Clem are preparing for their trip to Amsterdam, meanwhile Sanjay is flirting with a red-headed girl as well as trying to flog one of his dresses to her. Gita catches Sanjay in action and isn't pleased; Tricky Dicky finds the situation very amusing, however. Gita confides in Meena about Sanjay, thinking he's having an affair, but Meena tells her that she needs to stop getting so paranoid otherwise she'll lose him. Michelle and the others begin their voyage to Amsterdam. In the Laundrette, Pat tries to blame Mandy and Aidan for the break-in at the Vic, they soon put her in her place. The redhead girl's mother appears on Sanjay's stall asking him how much the dress was that her daughter brought it turns out the price was double the amount her daughter said leaving the mother livid. The group arrive in Amsterdam and go sightseeing around the place. Afterwards Shelley and Mark make a run for it to be alone to sleep together, they make it back to the hotel, but they don't sleep together Mark changes his mind at the last moment and walks out the hotel room, Shelley chases after him and after a long spell of trying to find out what's up with him Mark reveals to her that Gill died from AIDS and he is HIV Positive.


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