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Sanjay tries to make a secret phone call but is interrupted by Gita. he claims he is planning a surprise for her. Janine continues to lock herself in her room as Frank's rage boils over. Pat manages to defuse it by letting Janine help move. Phil takes Nadia to his flat where he learns that her friend could potentially report them to the home office because they have fallen out.

Grant goes to get Phil from the café for Nadia, and is stunned when Phil admits he has not told Kathy anything about her and decides he does not want to either.

Ricky sends the minicab driver to another location where the customer does not exist.

Cindy asks Hattie to work at the Vic, knowing that she does not want to. Hattie seeks Ian's support but does not get it.

Michelle shops on Sanjay's stall, but cannot afford anything nice, so he gives it to her for free until she can pay him back.

Someone keeps phoning Sanjay and Gita's flat.

After a deep conversation and learning about Kathy, Nadia decides to head back to her accommodation.

John, the minicab driver, turns to Frank and Pat over the hoax calls. Frank decides to go and see what is going on.

Clem and Shelley wind Michelle up about Russell. She is surprised to realise they think they have feelings for each other and talks with Russell, thinking it will be for the best that she does not go on holiday with him, Clem and Shelley.

A customer gives Hattie a hard time at the Vic, causing her to lose her temper. Cindy intervenes and acts virtuously to wind Hattie up even more.

Phil decides that he needs to tell Kathy about Nadia, but Kathy is too busy to listen.

Hattie goes to get Ian on her side but it does not work, so she quits, heads back over to the Vic, and slaps Cindy hard.

Phil explains to Grant how much Kathy means to him and how he cannot lose her. Nadia returns to the Vic and tells Phil her friend has reported her to the home office. He promises to see her latest setback through with her and hugs hers, just as Kathy walks in and spots them.


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