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Richard warns Shelley not to play with him, as she is playing with fire. Frank is struggling to make sales at the car lot. Cindy gets ready to leave Ian as he does not believe her over her not sleeping with Richard.

Janine does not want to go to school so Pat takes it upon herself to encourage her to go.

Mandy admits to Aidan she actually let go of Roly because he was pulling her along. There was never a cat involved.

Grant tries to replace Roly with Frieda as a birthday present for Sharon, but she does not want her.

Tricky Dicky turns up at Number 55 to warn Shelley not to mess with him again, as he might tell Clem they slept together.

Ian continues to act off with Cindy, making her uncomfortable.

Michelle comforts a distraught Sharon.

Frank faces a potential court case when a customer who bought a car of him complains about damage to it.

Michelle finds Aidan and advises him to tell Mandy to steer clear of Sharon.

Clem and Russell turn up to see Shelley. Michelle asks them to go and have words with Tricky Dicky.

Grant gives Sharon a ring for her birthday. She is grateful.

Cindy starts to get tired of Ian's constant digging at her.

Janine returns home unexpectedly from school. Pat finds her and learns she ran away because she did not get to play in games class. Frank returns before she is taken back and gets angry, refusing to let her have a birthday party, despite Pat wanting her to have one. Janine says she does not want a party but her words fall on deaf ears.

Tricky Dicky tells Clem that he slept with Shelley. Both Clem and Russell are taken aback and believe him.

Mrs. Andreos looks for Aidan and Mandy, accusing them of stealing from the shop.

Shelley is mortified when Clem and Russell return to Number 55 and Clem asks her why she did not tell him she slept with Tricky Dicky. Michelle decides to sort things out once and for all and heads to see Tricky Dicky alone, where she gives him a good talking to.

Cindy tells Ian that she is fed up of his lack of trust and is leaving at 7pm if he does not try and convince her otherwise.

Ricky visits Aidan after managing to convince Mrs. Andreos to dock the value of the thieved items from their wages. He tells Aidan that he knows they stole from the shop.

Nigel buys Sharon a globe for her birthday.

Ian chases Cindy as the taxi starts to drive off. He tells her he cannot lose her and hugs her tightly.


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  • This episode marks the eighteenth time Julia's Theme was used. It also marks the second and final time the show used the revamped Julia's Theme in a jazz format (accompanying the programme's then theme tune arrangement).
  • Radio Times synopsis: It's Sharon's birthday but no one is in the mood to celebrate. Michelle puts Richard in his place, tension between Ian and Cindy reaches a head and Frank is losing his patience with Janine.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,710,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).