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Pauline is furious with Arthur, after he confesses all. Meanwhile, at the Vic, Phil confronts Richard.

Pauline does not know what to say. Arthur wants her to hear him out. She asks if she knows who the other person is - he tells her it is Christine. She calls her a slag and proceeds to throw a cup at him as he tries to explain why he had an affair. She asks him if he can remember the last time they said they loved each other, but he cannot. He goes to touch her which sickens her. She hits him repeatedly and walks to the kitchen after, but he follows her, so she picks up a frying pan and beats him with it! His nose bleeds, but it does not phase him, as determination to fix his marriage takes priority. Their conversation is interrupted by Sanjay and Gita who return from their night at the Vic to collect Sharmilla. Gita notices Arthur's bloodied and bruised face. Arthur claims he fell but Pauline interjects and says she hit him. She goes to tell Gita about Arthur's affair but he stops her. Sanjay returns with Sharmilla and they are quick to leave. Christine tries phoning Number 45 but the phone is off the hook.

Sanjay returns to the Vic and tells Tricky Dicky and Sharon what is going on at Number 45.

Ian tells Phil that someone has been talking to Pat about his relationship with Kathy. Phil confronts Pat, who tells him what Tricky Dicky has been saying. Phil drags Tricky Dicky to the gents and goes to assault him. Grant intervenes and pulls him away. Kathy takes Phil over to the bistro to calm him down and sends Christine on her way at the same time.

Arthur begs Pauline to take him back as he has realised he made a mistake.

Kathy suggests to Phil they go back to her flat.

Pauline goes to check on Martin. Arthur sneaks over to the Vic in the meantime, where Christine is, and tells her that he has confessed all. He says he will be with her, but only after he has cleared up the loose ends with his family.

Ian decides to let Pat see Steven again after reassurance from Cindy that she will never take Simon back if he ever returned.

Arthur returns to Number 45 and cries to Pauline - he asks that they try again for two weeks', and if she feels the same way about him as she does now, they can split up. She agrees to his suggestion and he is reassured, but when the phone finally rings and Pauline answers to find it is Christine, she is disgusted. Arthur takes the phone and proceeds to get angry with Christine, telling her she should not have bought Martin's television. Pauline is furious to learn where the television came from and throws it at Arthur before throwing him out and breaking down on the floor.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public and gents
  • 3A Albert Square - Bedroom
  • 3C Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Kathy's Café
  • Christine's house - Living room


  • Radio Times synopsis: Phil hears about Tricky Dicky's latest exploits and is determined to have it out with him. There's a painful and emotional showdown at the Fowlers'. Is divorce the only answer for Arthur and Pauline or can he win her round?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,930,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).