Pauline Fowler is speechless at Arthur Fowler's revelation that he has been having an affair. She says there is not much to say but is annoyed when Arthur says he has been seeing Christine Hewitt. Pauline refers to her as a frump who works in Bridge Street Cafe. Arthur plays victim and says the marriage has not been easy since Martin Fowler was born. He feels they are just existing. Arthur tries to calm Pauline down but she kicks off. She then whacks him over the head with a frying pan, leaving him bleeding. Meanwhile, Richard Cole, has been spreading malicious gossip about Phil Mitchell's relationship with Kathy Beale. Phil roughs Cole up in the toilets of The Queen Vic but is restrained by Grant Mitchell, for once Phil is the thug instead of Grant. A smug Cole and Sanjay Kapoor have a laugh and Phil thinks Cole is laughing at him so goes for him again, is restrained then leaves the pub. Back at No 45 Albert Square Arthur lets slip that Christine bought the TV for Martin. Pauline throws the TV across the room and throws Arthur out.


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