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As Frank is furious about Diane's revelation, Kathy and Phil enjoy the evening taking in the sights and fresh air of France.

Frank is speechless and immediately begins to rage as Diane invites him inside. Tension rises between him and Diane's housemates.

Grant apologises to Sharon for his earlier behaviour during their meal.

Frank is shocked to learn that Diane is living with three men and does not know who the father of her child is.

Kathy and Phil's evening continues in a fancy restaurant where they discuss past loves.

Frank tries to get Diane to return to the UK but she does not want to leave.

Grant tells Sharon if they were not married already, he would marry her again, so she tells him that he can propose again and he does - she says she will think about it.

Phil tells Kathy about his relationship with Sharon; she is shocked.

Frank storms off after a stubborn argument with Diane. Pat's attempts to keep the peace have fallen flat. Diane asks her to tell Frank that she loves him.

Kathy takes Phil back to her hotel room and they kiss again. He wants to take things further, but she wants to go slow. He respects her and heads to his room.

The next day, Grant and Sharon are late checking out. Sharon catches Kathy and Phil all over each other and internal jealousy overcomes her.

Diane cries to herself as Frank and Pat head to the port to return to the UK. After boarding, the ferry leaves. Frank cries as Diane gets a taxi to the port and waves him off, despite them leaving on bad terms.

Kathy and Sharon eye each other up as they stand by their men. Sharon knows she must hide her jealousy for the sake of her marriage and Phil's life.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Elise - Laurence Bouvard
  • Pierre - Oliver Senton
  • Claude - Stefan Lander
  • Paul - Thierry Lawson
  • Waiter - Alain Bourgouin
  • Receptionist - Fabienne Zehren
  • Pianist - Steven Edis


  • Various places in Calais and Paris, France
  • Diane's house


  • Last appearance of Diane Butcher until 16 June 1994.
  • This was the second episode of EastEnders to be filmed entirely on location with no scenes recorded on the Elstree Studios lot. However, unlike the first episode, which was shot on location in the UK, this episode was filmed abroad in Calais and Paris, France.
  • This episode marks the seventeenth time Julia's Theme was used. It had been revamped to a jazz format, to accompany the programme's then theme tune arrangement.
  • Radio Times synopsis: Frank has to face another family crisis. Pat is supportive but stubbornness seems to run in the family. Grant and Sharon resolve their differences. Meanwhile Phil and Kathy discuss past loves.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,210,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).