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Frank, Pat, Phil, Grant, Kathy and Sharon all head off to France.

Christine pulls Arthur over on Bridge Street to ask if he has told Pauline he is leaving her yet. He tells her he has not because of Martin.

The Butchers, Mitchells and Kathy all arrive at the Port of Dover and the ferry takes them over to Calais. Pat tells Frank she knows that he is going over to see Diane. Upon arriving in France, the group head out shopping for alcohol. Sharon wants Grant to treat her to a romantic meal, foiling his plans of a lads' night out.

Frank and Pat book a hotel in Calais while Grant, Kathy, Phil and Sharon head to Paris, where they book a hotel there. Frank wants to go searching for Diane, but Pat is hungry. They agree to go looking for her for a little while before eating. Kathy and Phil are left alone together as Grant treats Sharon to a meal at a restaurant. Kathy and Phil walk along a canal together and end up kissing passionately.

Frank finds the house Diane is residing at. He knocks on the door and she opens it. He is thrilled to see her, although his face quickly drops when he notices she is pregnant.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Christine Hewitt - Elizabeth Power
  • Waiter - Alain Bourgouin
  • Receptionist - Fabienne Zehren
  • Girl in Paris - Julie Deconde
  • Man in Calais - Jean-Luc Guillotin
  • Pianist - Steve Edis


  • Bridge Street
  • Port of Dover
  • Locations around Calais and Paris, France
  • Ferry
  • Unknown roads