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It is Arthur's 50th birthday, and Pauline is determined for him to enjoy himself. Ian shares the news of Cindy's pregnancy with Kathy - she is unimpressed. Phil gets Delilah the dog home, but she is a handful.

Arthur visits Christine - she is deeply disappointed with him.

Ian agrees to pay Hattie two weeks' sick pay for her miscarriage. He does not tell Cindy, and she only learns what he has done when she overhears Hattie tell Michelle and Shelley of his kind gesture on the market.

Nigel has not returned home since the lads' night out. Dot worries for his safety.

Pauline learns that Shelley is planning to have her 21st birthday party at the Vic, which is where Arthur's surprise party is being held. She asks Michelle to ensure Shelley stays well away from their side of the party as she does not want food going to unwelcome guests.

Cindy and Hattie's feud reaches its peak and they shout at each other in the flat, with Ian stuck in the middle. He upsets Cindy when he makes a remark about their baby not being his, but quickly apologises. He then plays peacemaker to get the girls to be civil.

Zoe visits Number 25 to tell Dot that Nick bought Ashley new trainers shortly after she left.

Aidan and Mandy seek canisters to store water in so that they can wash themselves.

Christine tells Kathy that she will be returning to work in the evening. She glamourises herself up with the intention of also visiting Arthur at his party in the evening.

Mandy tells Aidan that she has a headache and goes to get some tablets for them. Aidan worries for her and goes to follow her, where he catches her on the side of the road at the end of Turpin Road talking to someone in a car.

Nigel returns and tells Dot he spent the rest of the evening sat across Debbie's flat, as he misses her.

Shelley wants Mark to dance with her at the Vic, but he refuses to.

Christine arrives at the Vic, and hands Arthur his present. She then tells him she wants him to run away with her and leave Pauline for good.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: Tensions between Hattie and Cindy come to a head with Ian caught in the middle. Arthur gets more surprises than he bargained for on his birthday.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,980,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).