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Dot is on the warpath and Angie is jumpy. Andy seeks a special Christmas bonus. Lou finally settles in to her new room. A depressed Saeed begs for Pauline’s help. A cheerful Tony extends the hand of friendship to Dot, but his mood is quick to change after speaking to Cassie. At the Vic, Den is furious to discover that more money is missing.

Lou accepts her new bedroom when her family decorate it for Christmas, but Pete and Kathy feel unable to tell her she cannot work on the market stall.

Tony sympathises with Dot and agrees to help her put up Christmas decorations.

Den discovers money has been taken from the jukebox and tells Kathy, Lofty and Simon that they will all be sacked in seven days if he does not find out who the thief is.

Naima tells Pauline that her family have decided she will get the shop in her divorce. Pauline tells Naima to talk to Saeed because she cannot achieve anything if she does not.

Cassie tells Tony that Neville spanked her and she refuses to go back home, but when Tony finds out she was looking for Christmas presents, he opines that Neville was right to spank her and takes her back to Hannah's.


Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Raymond - Mark White


  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • 3B Albert Square - Living room
  • 43 Albert Square - Kitchen
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen, backroom and front room
  • Bridge Street Market


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