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Arthur and Mark both feel responsible for Aidan and Mandy. Kathy turns to Christine for advice over Cindy. Christine starts to feel side-lined by Arthur and lets him know she is upset with him.

Cindy grows jealous over Ian going to fetch Hattie from the train station as she returns from her week up in Norwich.

Arthur buys Aidan and Mandy breakfast.

Dot questions whether Ashley's birth certificate is real or not.

Tricky Dicky wants to meet Cindy in the café - she agrees and Kathy is interested by what she is seeing. Cindy tells him to back away from her again. Surprisingly, he agrees to. Once he leaves, Kathy asks Cindy why she saw her getting out of his car the other night. Cindy tells her to back off and stop interfering.

Ricky manages to rub Frank up the wrong way, leading Frank to snap at him.

Cindy tells Ian that Tricky Dicky has been pestering her recently but promises him nothing happened. He is annoyed at what he hears but trusts that Cindy has not cheated.

Arthur catches Aidan and Mandy begging and asks Pauline if they can take them back in at Number 45. Pauline only allows Aidan to stay, so the pair decline their offer.

Dot returns to see Ashley and Zoe. She gifts Ashley a games console and he is grateful.

Nigel poaches Aidan and asks him to deliver a letter to a woman - he gives him £10 for the chore.

Zoe tells Dot that Ashley needs new shoes. Dot agrees to buy him the best she can.

Kathy feels it is her duty to tell Ian about Cindy and Tricky Dicky. Ian's suspicions over Cindy rise greatly when Kathy tells him she spoke to Cindy earlier but got no answers. He heads over to see Cindy at the Vic and tells her he does not trust her as he knows she only told him about Tricky Dicky because she knew Kathy would tell him anyway.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 3C Albert Square - Kitchen
  • 25 Albert Square - Living room
  • 27 Albert Square - Living/dining room and hallway
  • 43A Albert Square - Living room
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Launderette
  • Kathy's Café
  • Walford Allotments - Allotment
  • Zoe's bedsit