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Frank runs into problems when a car is returned with multiple issues and gives Ricky an earful. Dot gives Frank an earful for blocking the pavement with his cars. Gita is unhappy with Sanjay for lying to Meena. She smugly informs him that her sister will be arriving tomorrow. Ian visits Hattie to provide support for her, making Cindy jealous.

Michelle and Shelley are looking for work as they are skint. Mark gifts Shelley some fruit from his stall.

Cindy tries to dissuade Hattie from working for Ian because of her pregnancy but is stunned when she learns of her miscarriage.

Arthur is concerned that Kathy confronted him about the affair last night. He asks Sylvia when Mrs. Hewitt is due to arrive at the café.

Sanjay tells Tricky Dicky his advice worked. Gita learns from her sister that Sharmilla supposedly has mumps, according to Sanjay. She tells her she is healthy, and she can still visit.

Clyde wants to stay with Gidea. Hattie encourages him to go to Trinidad and stay with her for a few weeks to get away from life in the Square. She loans Clyde some money from her wedding funds. Gidea smiles positively when Clyde asks to join her on the trip back to Trinidad. He phones the airport to see if there is a ticket which can take him out to Trinidad and is thrilled to learn there is.

Tricky Dicky tries to gift Cindy with perfume, but she will not take it.

Clyde tells Sharon of his plans to go to Trinidad for the month, and then Frank. Frank's negative response strongly contrasts with Sharon's positive one.

Christine has a rendezvous with Arthur discussing his problems with Kathy round the back of the café which is cut short when Sylvia catches them together whilst putting out rubbish.

Sharon offers Ian a contract at The Vic, but for the same price she offered Steve.

Pauline's concerns for Pete grow when she does not receive a postcard for a few weeks. She asks Frank where he dropped Pete and Rose off and then begins to suspect Pete is in trouble.

Phil wants to move out of the Vic to allow Grant and Sharon to live happily together. He asks Grant to buy him out of The Vic with his share of the Arches as partial payment and the rest on tick.

Ian suggests Hattie take a few days off and out of the Square then return to her job when she is ready.

Tricky Dicky finds Cindy in the Square and sprays her with the perfume so that she has to take it.

Christine asks Kathy to be kind to Arthur, as she is making him upset.

Grant stuns Sharon with the news of Phil's plans. Sharon wants to talk to Phil about his decision to move out, but he refuses to listen.

Sharon gives Michelle extra shifts behind the bar with Clyde going on holiday.

Hattie decides to spend time with her parents in Norwich and agrees to take Kofi with her. She thanks Clyde for being there for her.

Pauline expresses her concerns to Arthur over Pete.

Dot warns Sanjay she will notify the police if his van is parked on the pavement again.

Mark and Shelley have a drink together and then they head over to Number 55 so that she can get some cash. Michelle and Arthur are concerned about Mark's growing attraction to Shelley. Shelley ends up playing her records to Mark, and then takes things further, leading him upstairs.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 27 Albert Square - Kitchen and hallway
  • 43B Albert Square - Living room
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  • Bridge Street Market
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  • 55 Victoria Road - Living room