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Arthur is avoiding Kathy. Mandy steals a prescription pad from the surgery as she continues to work for Doctor Legg. Tricky Dicky keeps up his flirtatious attitude towards Cindy in the hopes she will fall for him. He buys one of Sanjay's shawls for her.

Sanjay has bought silk shawls from China, but Tricky Dicky laughs upon learning that he bought them for £15 each and intends to sell them for £25 - he has been ripped off.

Mark spots Mandy and Aidan on the market and tells them he was worried about their whereabouts last night. Mandy tells him she is busy and cannot talk.

Kathy phones Pauline and asks to talk to Arthur, but Arthur refuses to talk and claims he is busy.

Hattie is in a high spirits after deciding to keep her baby.

Sanjay tries selling a shawl to Cindy, but she refuses to buy it at the price he has listed it at. Tricky Dicky buys Cindy flowers and leaves them outside her flat.

Hattie writes a letter for Celestine to give to Etta.

Cindy makes sandwiches for the Vic. Ian tells Cindy she has a secret admirer after handing the flowers to her.

Gita's sister, Meena McKenzie, is supposed to be visiting, but Sanjay does not want her around, so Tricky Dicky suggests he phones and tells her that Sharmilla has mumps to keep her away.

Christine regrets telling Kathy about her affair with Arthur. Kathy is furious with them for putting her in a difficult position.

Pauline wonders when Pete is coming back from his Greek holiday. She checks the postcard he sent and is puzzled to discover it was postmarked from Edinburgh. Pauline asks Arthur to deliver tea towels over to Kathy for her, but Arthur refuses to face her and instead gives them to Christine to hand over.

Nigel agrees to pick Clare up from school for Debbie.

Ian and Cindy deliver the sandwiches to The Vic; Cindy agrees to help serve the pub lunches for a few hours.

The Taverniers head over to the Vic for celebratory drinks.

Hattie tells Ian her good news and he offers to help sort out her job.

Mandy and Aidan tell Mark they found a place to live and moved in last night.

Nigel overhears Sanjay and Tricky Dicky talking about Sharmilla having mumps and panics, unaware it is untrue.

Hattie starts to feel faint and in pain and falls into Mandy as she heads to the toilets. She is rushed home and Celestine calls Doctor Legg.

Nigel avoids Sharmilla at all costs as he treats Clare to a cake in the café.

Doctor Legg confirms that Hattie has lost her baby and needs admitting to hospital. Hattie wants to deal with this herself and asks Celestine for the letter to her mother, which she rips up. She feels responsible for her miscarriage and cries as Gidea comforts her.

Kathy decides it is time for her and Arthur to talk. She tells him she will not tell Pauline anything but will not lie or cover for him or Christine either.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 3C Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 27 Albert Square - Kitchen, living/dining room and hallway
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Launderette
  • Kathy's Café
  • Turpin Road