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Arthur is in a good mood, but Kathy and Mark are not. Clyde remains determined to keep Gidea in the country and looks at extending her visa for her. Cindy works hard on the business to keep Ian impressed.

Arthur learns Mark's bad mood is because Aidan and Mandy have not been paying the rent, so he has been paying for two rooms instead of one, leaving him worse off.

Hattie packs for the abortion clinic. Celestine wants to go with her but she does not want him there, so she insists Gidea goes instead and she reluctantly agrees.

Christine tells Arthur they have to talk in private as soon as possible.

Mandy tries grovelling with Mark to stay in the flat but it does not work. Mandy returns to old tricks after learning Mark has put an advertisement in the newspaper for a new roommate; she phones the newspaper and tells them he has put the number down wrong, before going around and telling people there is rising damp in the room.

Arthur panics upon learning Kathy knows about his and Christine's affair, despite her confidence that Kathy will not tell Pauline.

Nigel books a table at the bistro for him, Debbie and Clare.

Tricky Dicky flirts with Cindy on the market.

Hattie and Gidea talk outside the clinic. She reveals that she may want to keep the baby.

Mark tries to rent the room to Nigel, but when Nigel makes a comment on the rising damp, he gets angry and shouts for Mandy.

Kathy asks Pauline if her and Arthur's marriage is still going strong. Pauline insists it is, but wishes Arthur was not working all the time so they could spend more time together.

Hattie returns home, having ultimately decided against the abortion. Celestine is supportive of her decision.

Debbie is grateful to Nigel for inviting Clare to the bistro and their date.

Mandy demands Aidan packs his stuff as they have to leave before Mark gets back; she takes some of the food from the cupboards too.

Clyde tells Gidea she can extend her visa by a few weeks; she does not think it is worth it though.

Mark learns from Kathy that Mandy has taken down the advertisements in the window for a roommate. He rushes home to find her but is greeted to a note saying 'thanks for everything'.


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