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Aidan returns to the Square, as Steve departs on a cruise ship. Meanwhile, Phil and Nadia continue to get to know each other better.

Steve watches Hattie walk away but feels bad so he chases her down to try and part on good terms. She tells him to get out of her life for good and walks away.

Aidan returns and moves into flat 47B with Mandy. They take over Steve's bedroom. She learns that Aidan's parents in Ireland did not like her.

Clyde tracks Hattie down and finds her crying; they walk and talk, and Clyde later learns she is pregnant - and Steve does not know.

Phil and Nadia play with a dog and Nadia gets emotional as life and her past gets to her. He tells her he has an idea - he will marry her out of convenience to allow her to stay in the country, and also let her live at the Vic as well in the meantime, and she is elated.

Steve gets on the cruise ship and leaves. Hattie is unsure whether or not to keep their baby, but she is determined to not let her father know she is pregnant given his harsh reaction to her mother's abortion previously. The cruise ship sets sail and Steve starts his new catering job on board.

Phil takes Nadia back to the Vic and smugly announces to Grant and Sharon they are marrying, and she is staying with them.

Clyde and Hattie return home. They are greeted to Jules, who has a surprise for them in the form of Celestine, who has returned for Hattie and Steve's wedding.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 27 Albert Square - Hallway
  • 47B Albert Square - Living room/kitchen and hallway
  • Willy's Café
  • Unknown B&B
  • Unknown locations in Southampton
  • P&O Cruise Ship Canberra