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Hattie goes to Southampton in search of Steve before he leaves. Meanwhile, Phil meets a Romanian woman named Nadia who worries about being deported.

Hattie wakes to the note from Steve - he has gone to Southampton to work as a chef on a cruise ship, so she hurries into the Square and interrogates Mark and asks him if he had any idea about his plans. Phil calms her down and takes her to the Vic, before agreeing to take her to Southampton to find him.

Steve has spent the night in a B&B and prepares to leave.

Sharon informs Clyde of Hattie's adventure with Phil.

Hattie finds Steve and confronts him. He admits he was running away because of their relationship. He tells her he felt suffocated in their relationship and that they are too young to settle down. Hattie feels extremely hurt by his comments.

Phil meets Nadia Boravac in a café whilst waiting for Hattie.

Clyde drives to Southampton and finds Phil with Nadia in the café. Phil directs him to the B&B and Clyde bursts in looking for a fight. Hattie gets rid of him so that she can work things through with Steve.

Phil and Nadia take a walk around Southampton together. He learns her visa is expiring soon and she is not sure if she will renew it.

Hattie breaks down as Steve's words affect her. He cradles her in his arms, and they end up having sex. Clyde phones Gidea to update her on what is happening. Jules gets the idea something is up and confronts her.

Nadia tells Phil about her friend who had a marriage of convenience to stay in the UK.

Hattie is convinced she has saved her and Steve's relationship but quickly learns it meant nothing to him. She gets angry and storms off after saying goodbye.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Hallway
  • 27 Albert Square - Hallway
  • 47B Albert Square - Living room/kitchen and Steve's bedroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Willy's Café
  • Unknown B&B - Room 7 and hallway
  • Unknown locations in Southampton