Mandy Salter is back in Walford and she wants Mark Fowler to give her work on his stall. He is not interested. Mandy offers her srvices to Sharon Mitchell at The Queen Victoria and after she refuses Mandy work, Mandy pretends to be injured when lifting crates for them. Dr Legg is called. Grant Mitchell worries that he may hit his wife Sharon Mitchell again if they have a row but Sharon knows he wont. They embrace but as they do, Phil Mitchell sees them.


  • Steve McFadden as Phil
  • Letitia Dean as Sharon
  • Ross Kemp as Grant
  • Steven Woodcock as Clyde
  • Sian Martin as Gidea
  • Nicola Duffett as Debbie
  • Paul Bradley as Nigel
  • Mark Monero as Steve
  • Michelle Gayle as Hattie
  • Susan Tully as Michelle
  • Nicole Arumugam as Shelley
  • Todd Carty as Mark
  • Nicola Stapleton as Mandy
  • June Brown as Dot Cotton
  • Tommy Eytle as Jules
  • Leonard Fenton as Dr. Legg
  • Tony Armatrading as Chris Taylor
  • Sultan Lalani as Waiter
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