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Ian tries to extract information about Tricky Dicky from Sanjay, but he has little success. Something is playing on Jules's mind, but he will not tell Clyde what it is. Dot's idea of a birthday party is far from what Nigel had in mind.

Dot sings 'Happy Birthday' to Nigel and gives him a tie for a present.

Ian clashes with Tricky Dicky when he wants a market trader to move a van blocking vehicular access to the Meal Machine.

Nigel gets birthday blues as no party has been arranged and people do not know it is his birthday. Michelle and Shelley suggest to Dot that a birthday party be held, and she decides to host it at her house and arrange it all.

Sharon is invited to the party by Grant, but she claims she will be there late as Tracey is having a hen party at the Vic.

Sanjay informs Tricky Dicky that he thinks Ian is plotting against him. Ian tries getting some dirt on Tricky Dicky from Gita but she is of no help either.

Jules wants to talk to Dot but she is too focused on the party.

Grant and Phil decide to take alcohol over to Number 25 and spice up the party. They make a fruit punch and tell Dot it is non-alcoholic - she downs it! Grant then returns to the Vic and asks Tracey and her hen party to attend Nigel's birthday party.

Clyde attends the party with Gidea and they dance together.

Dot heads over to the Vic to see Jules and he ends up telling Dot that Gidea is his granddaughter.

Ian phones Tricky Dicky's boss and tells him he is taking backhanders from the market traders.

Nigel meets Debbie Tyler, a member of Tracey's hen party. They kiss, but Debbie quickly leaves when Nigel goes into the kitchen.

Michelle notices Mark and Shelley are enjoying each other's company.

Dot takes Jules over to Number 25, where they catch Clyde and Gidea kissing.


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