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Phil helps Michelle get rid of Jack once and for all. Frank is cross with Clyde and Arthur has a talk with Aidan.

Mark and Steve put posters up for their rave.

Jack waits outside Number 55 for Michelle to collect her milk. He tries to get inside when she opens the door, but she refuses to let him.

Hattie receives a brooch from Steve as a belated birthday present.

Arthur finds Mrs. Hewitt and does not think she should be working in the café, but she tells him not to ruin the job for her.

Clyde receives a phone call from a customer asking to be picked up from an estate. However, it takes Clyde 45 minutes to get to the customer, only for him to learn that customer is actually Frank.

Arthur gives Aidan a pep talk.

Jack finds Michelle in the Square and hounds her.

Cindy and Hattie clash at the Meal Machine.

Michelle is unsettled when Jack turns up at The Vic. Sharon and Phil bar him from the premises. Michelle tells Sharon she is still worried about Jack stalking her. Sharon suggests that she asks Phil for help. Michelle is not so sure, as she is not exactly friendly with Phil. Sharon chats to Phil and Phil agrees to help Michelle out.

Frank is not pleased and cautions Clyde not to make another mistake.

Sharon asks Mark to put posters up for her, promoting Danny Taurus, who is appearing at The Vic to perform on Friday evening.

Steve pays Hattie back the £70 and tells her the brooch was given to him by his grandmother to give to his future wife.

In the café, Michelle sees Jack and pretends she has come to her senses by arranging for them to have dinner tonight. Jack falls for it and is totally chuffed and happy.

Nigel wants to go to the rave but is told he is too old.

Ian issues Hattie a warning for misconduct at Cindy's request.

Aidan and Mandy demand free tickets to the rave from Mark.

Phil contacts some friends to help get rid of Jack.

Hattie learns that Steve bought the brooch cheaply on the market and gives it to Nigel.

Clyde agrees to be the bouncer for Mark and Steve's event.

Arthur meets Mrs. Hewitt at the side of the café in the evening and kisses her, desperate not to lose her. She promises him he still has her.

That night, Jack comes round to see Michelle. He has a box of chocolates for her. She asks him to sit in the lounge as dinner is ready. Jack is happy, but the smile is soon wiped off his face when he sees Phil and three of his mates walk into the lounge. Michelle walks in and says to Jack that he makes her sick, and that she wants him to leave her alone, because if not, then these four men will make sure Jack's absence from her life is permanent. Jack still tries to talk Michelle round, but Phil says if he goes near her again he is dead. Jack squares up to Phil, so Phil knees him in the groin and his three mates escort him outside. Michelle thanks Phil, and Phil says it was Sharon's idea.

Outside in the street, Shelley sees Jack and asks if he is OK. Jack still does not get the message and asks Shelley to tell Michelle that he will see her again when it is less crowded.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • Frank's Autos
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Turpin Road
  • The Meal Machine
  • 55 Victoria Road - Kitchen, living room and hallway
  • Unknown car-park
  • Unknown estate