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Rose discovers her secret fling with Pete is no longer a secret. Gita arrives on the Square and gives Sanjay a hard time. Pauline gives Pat another pep talk.

Frank tries to get Pat out the flat again.

Sanjay fears Gita will walk out on him once and for all this time.

Arthur shows Aidan a football video he has.

Rachel heads to Frank and Pat's flat to look after Janine whilst they head out, but Pat gets frustrated at people treating her so sensitively and lashes out.

Nigel does not want people knowing about his big win in case he gets mugged.

Mandy checks in on Aidan.

Rose is advised to drop Pete by the Chapmans' sister, Annie, before someone gets hurt.

Nigel and Rachel head to Number 45 to watch the football video with Aidan.

Gita Kapoor arrives on the Square earlier than planned and demands Sanjay takes her to see their new flat.

Stan visits Aidan to see how his knee is healing.

Pauline returns home to find it full of football fanatics and swiftly heads out again.

Michelle needs someone to look after Vicki.

Sanjay admits to Gita he lost the flat. She is unhappy but stands by him.

Pauline is shocked when she returns later to find the house in a mess and Aidan kissing Mandy. She shoos Mandy off and demands the house is tidied by the time she returns home. She heads over to see Mark at his flat but ends up spending time with Pat, who is in the playground and on the swings alone. Pat enjoys their conversation as Pauline treats her humanely and does not remind her of the girl she killed. At the end of their chat, Pauline invites Pat for a drink.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Rose Chapman - Petra Markham
  • Stan Milton - Gawn Grainger
  • Annie Chapman - Helen Keating
  • Biker - Christopher Armstrong
  • Jason Harris - Leonard Kirby