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Nick's trial is looming - he is sure he will go down for the murder of Eddie Royle in September 1991, and Dot is worried. Eddie's father John returns for the trial. Cindy's return to Walford is met with chagrin by Kathy and she confronts her.

Cindy watches the Square from Ian's flat.

Nick begs Dot to help him get out of prison by telling the court that he did not know what he doing as he was locked up and delirious from drugs.

Arthur and Mrs Hewitt head to watch Walford F.C. practice at a playing field. Arthur takes particular attention to teenager Aidan Brosnan, who he has never seen playing before.

Mandy meets Sam in the café once again to sort things out. She asks Sam if she is serious about her affair with Clive and she insists she is and that Ricky will learn everything in good time. When she returns to the Vic to see Ricky, she tries avoiding him and appears disinterested.

Kathy vents to Tricky Dicky about Cindy and how she ruined Ian's life the first time she was in Walford after thinking she has seen her entering his flat. As the pair head over to the Vic, Kathy notices Ian's lights are on in the flat.

Clive and Sean turn up at the Vic and cause a scene. Phil threatens Clive when he takes particular interest in Sam.

Dot sits in the Square on the benches, contemplating how to help Nick.

Ricky asks Sam if she is cheating on him with Clive as she keeps snapping at him and is distant.

Richard meets Kathy at the café the next morning and informs her that he has seen Cindy in Ian's flat.

Nick is forced to work alongside a new brief, Jennifer Wakeham QC, in the hopes of walking free.

Dot heads off to court with Pete and are greeted by DCI Chapman when they arrive.

Kathy heads over to flat 3C and viciously insults Cindy. Cindy cries but Kathy shows no remorse. She warns her to leave or else she will do time for her. After Kathy has gone, Cindy and Steven get in a taxi and leave. Ian later returns to the flat and finds a note from Cindy. Kathy watches him get upset at the realisation Cindy has gone once more.

John Royle and Joe Wallace arrive at court for Nick's trial. The trial begins and Nick pleads not guilty.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Christine Hewitt - Elizabeth Power
  • Jennifer Wakeham QC - Dinah Stabb
  • Peter Hannigan - Mark Drewry
  • Trevor Barnes - Tyrone Huggins
  • Clive - Sean Gallagher
  • Sean - Michael Higgs
  • Stan Milton - Gawn Grainger
  • Christopher Moore - Malcolm Sinclair
  • Detective Chief Inspector Chapman - Marian McLoughlin
  • John Royle - Paddy Joyce
  • Joe Wallace - Jason Rush
  • Judge Birell - Bernard Gallagher
  • Clerk of the Court - Martina Laird
  • Jackie Burns - Dave Brock


  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and upstairs flat
  • 3C Albert Square - Living room
  • Kathy's Café
  • HM Dickens Hill - Visiting room and side room
  • Unknown playing field
  • Unknown courtroom