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Tensions between Ian and Tricky Dicky rise as Ian is not happy about him dating his mother. Ian insults him and they argue, leading to him punching Ian. Kathy has little sympathy. Pete wonders why Pat is hiding away. Pauline goes round to see her, but she gets no answer. She is in severe shock after accidentally killing Stephanie Watson when driving. Mandy has another scheme up her sleeve.

Kathy and Tricky Dicky return from their holiday in good spirits.

Steve agrees to marry Hattie.

Pete tells Pauline that he saw Pat in her flat - she has not gone to Mo's funeral with the rest of the family. Pauline knocks on Pat's flat door to see if she can help her but gets no answer.

Hattie wants to tell her family about her engagement but Steve wants to hold off for a bit. Mandy hides and listens into their conversation.

Dot heads to visit Nick in prison, leaving Pauline in charge of the launderette in her absence.

Mandy tells Clyde about Hattie and Steve's engagement. Clyde is not impressed.

Danny Taurus, a school friend of Pauline and Pete's, returns to the Square to see him.

Nick worries he will be locked away for the rest of his life over Eddie's murder.

Pat breaks down in the flat whilst alone.

Danny gives Pete tickets to a music gig he is performing at.

Kathy tells Ian she is planning to open the café in the evenings for customers. She asks him to provide her with a bistro menu.

Clyde confronts Hattie over her engagement and warns her that Celestine and Etta will not agree to their plans for marriage. Hattie reminds Clyde she is 18 in three months' time and will be able to legally marry without parental consent then.

Tricky Dicky annoys Ian when he tells Kathy that Ian is ripping her off and he knows acquaintances who will do a menu for half the price.

Hattie tells Steve that they should marry after she has turned 18.

Tensions rise between Ian and Tricky Dicky as Ian becomes outspoken and insulting. Tricky Dicky punches Ian and swiftly leaves the café. Kathy tells Ian he got what he deserved.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • 43A Albert Square - Living room and hallway
  • 47B Albert Square - Kitchen, Steve's bedroom, bathroom and hallway
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Launderette
  • Bridge Street Café
  • HM Dickens Hill - Visiting room