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Pauline is full of nerves as Arthur refuses to talk about Mrs. Hewitt's letter. Sharon is anxious as the Vic's new look prepares to open for the first time. Clyde and Michelle face an awkward shift together.

Mandy chats up Steve in the café while winding up Hattie in the process.

Michelle tells Pauline what happened between her and Clyde. She is worried Vicki and Kofi's friendship will suffer from the breakup. Jules wants Clyde to get back with Michelle, but he affirms to him that they are finished.

Tricky Dicky invites Kathy to the Vic's reopening. He asks Mandy to cover for Kathy in the café. She agrees to but demands an upfront payment.

Sharon opens the doors for the Vic and customers are impressed with its redesign.

Mandy tells Sam she wants to fix Nigel up with Hattie, making Steve available for her. Nigel wants to ask Hattie for a drink after Mandy eggs him on. She initially says no but changes her mind when she sees Steve. Sam gives Mandy a piece of her mind about slagging off Hattie.

Mark tries to resolve his parents quarrel over Mrs. Hewitt and invites them for drinks at The Vic. Pauline gets dressed up and realises she has been married to Arthur long enough to know not to worry.

Mandy fails to show up for her cover shift. Tricky Dicky finds her in the Vic and snatches the money he gave her back. She is annoyed and storms off back to the café.

Jules' friend, Doris, enjoys playing the piano in the Vic.

Pauline meets Arthur at the Vic and apologises for her earlier behaviour.

Grant makes it clear to Sharon he knows where he stands.

Pauline is shaken when Mrs. Hewitt makes an unexpected appearance at the Vic.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: Nigel tries to step into Steve's shoes, Dot finds a new recruit for her carol singers, and the new-look Queen Vic opens its doors for the first time since the fire.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,390,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
  • From here on in the predominant colour theme of both the inside and outside the pub will be red, much like The Rovers Return on Coronation Street which has always been green outside and varying shades of red inside since the fire in 1986 - it seems to be a colour which screens well.
  • The reconstruction of the set enabled it to be rebuilt 20% larger than before. Also, the old set was quite dark which hid the cramped set, the new red set is much brighter and reflects the additional room. Coincidentally the 2010 fire was storylined to enable the set to be rebuilt to HD standard and enable the departure of Barbara Windsor's Peggy Mitchell.