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Clyde and Michelle discuss their relationship as Sharon and Grant go over theirs.

Clyde goes mental at Michelle and Jack while Grant continues his search for Sharon.

Sharon talks with Christian but continues to reject his advances. Grant finds the pair together and gets physical with Christian.

Clyde angrily chides Michelle and attempts to leave, but she pleads for them to sort out their relationship. She questions his loyalty to her and brings up his past relationship with Karen, particularly during their failed getaway to France. Clyde rebuts that nothing happened with Karen in Portsmouth and Michelle made the decision to go with him. They were not involved at the time, but she chased after him until he relented. He has been faithful to her, and her actions tonight have nothing to do with his past. Clyde refuses to let Michelle shift the blame and calls out her selfishness. Michelle apologizes and asks if they are going to split up, but he is undecided.

Grant and Sharon argue over how long she has stayed out for. Sharon calls Grant out for doing the same. Grant reveals he told Phil about his suspicions of Sharon having an affair, and he asks her if it's true, but she denies it.

Clyde sits Michelle down and tries to understand why she cheated on him. He tells her he has done everything she wanted and still has come out losing. Michelle argues they have become a boring couple as there has not been enough excitement between them lately. She always wants to talk to Clyde about her college studies, but he is never interested. She explains that she wants more out of life and college is her way out of the Square. She suggests Clyde lost his drive and ambition along the way, but he asserts his life has changed because their relationship has always been on her terms, not his, and he is tired of it.

Grant tells Sharon he does not feel like their marriage is what it used to be.

Michelle starts to realise that Clyde is jealous of her going to college because he wants to go himself. She tells him to get himself a grant and attend as well. He argues his life ambitions have been knocked out of him since they have been together, and Michelle has turned him into the very thing she despises.

Sharon and Grant argue about their behaviour towards each other and her obsession with The Vic while searching the dorm for Clyde and Michelle.

Clyde heads to the toilets to sort himself out. Whilst he is in there, Jack returns to try and kiss Michelle again. She gives into temptation but then pushes him away and tells him to go. Clyde returns and they head outside of the college dorms. Clyde posits Michelle cheated on him to accelerate their eventual breakup. She reluctantly agrees, but insists she never intended to hurt him. They comfort each other as they realise their relationship has come to an end.

Sharon cries and hits Grant after learning he deliberately set fire to the Vic. She walks out and heads back to the Square with Michelle.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Jack Woodman - James Gilbey
  • Christian James - Damien Goodwin
  • Nick - Alistair McDowell
  • Jeremy - Michael Simmons
  • Maria - Evelyn Duah
  • Simon - Johnny Brunel


  • London Polytechnic College - Room 305, pool room, classroom, gents toilets and hallway


  • Radio Times synopsis: Clyde hears some unpleasant home truths from Michelle and a confession rocks Sharon and Grant's marriage.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 22,580,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
  • This was the first episode to be shot entirely on location with no scenes recorded at the Elstree Studios lot.