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Sam decides to go back and live with Peggy until Ricky finds them somewhere to live. Frank begs Pat for his business back before she destroys it, and she reluctantly agrees. Phil visits Sharon in hospital with flowers. They share a kiss.

Tricky Dicky leaves Number 55 at 3am, leaving Rachel baffled.

Kathy wakes Mandy up and asks her why she told Frank that she was thinking of buying his share out of the café.

Mr Harvey visits the Vic to assess the damage. He tells Phil that damage looks worse than it is and they should not expect too much of a pay-out.

Grant is displeased when Phil informs him the insurance payout may only total £15,000. He wants to falsely pin the blame on Dean and Mick for The Vic's arson, but Phil refuses sorting out Grant's messy schemes.

Grant asks Tricky Dicky to use his authority as market inspector to inform the police about Dean and Mick's trespassing in the Square. He readily agrees after observing them hanging around the market area.

Clyde and Michelle are busy cleaning the bar's smoke and fire damage in The Vic. Michelle knowingly asks Phil how Sharon is doing at hospital; he tells her she will be out soon, but he is uncertain of the state of their relationship.

Dean and Mick tell Mandy that she can stay with them in their campervan. Mandy goes to collect her things from Kathy's and writes a note saying she has gone, but when she gets to Dean and Mick, they drive off when the police arrive for them and leave her in the lurch.

Sharon is discharged from hospital. Grant packs a bag for her so that they can have a holiday in Brighton to help her come to terms with what happened.

Rachel confides in Michelle about her true feelings for Tricky Dicky.

Kathy finds Mandy's note and is relieved she has gone, but it is short-lived as Mandy returns shortly afterwards with nowhere to stay again.

Grant is greeted to Jason at the Vic. Jason grabs Grant and warns him that if he does not get his money soon, something terrible will happen to Sharon.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Jason Cox - Peter Moreton
  • Dean - Richard Banks
  • Mick - Ian Hart
  • Mr. Harvey - David Weston