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A storm hits Albert Square, but it does not stop Pete and the market traders from continuing with business. Sharon tries talking to Phil, but he will not listen. Mark learns that Arthur has arthritis.

The associates want the £25,000 Grant's hired man ran off with.

Sam asks Ricky not to follow her to where she is working as she does not want him to see her whilst at work.

A woman named Dawn turns up on the market searching for "Stefan". Mandy takes her under her wing and realises she is looking for Steve.

Pauline tells Arthur about the wonders of fishing over in New Zealand. Arthur suggests that once Martin has grown up they can go out there for a holiday.

Mike turns up at the Vic and headbutts Ian for upsetting Ronnie.

Mandy gets Steve to meet Dawn. It transpires that they met a nightclub and had sex. Steve takes Dawn back to Number 27 to talk.

Mandy tells Ricky where Sam is working and he finds her dressed up as a wheel of cheese. He finds the situation humorous.

Rachel and Tricky Dicky inspect some of her ceramic pottery together. The pieces are not valuable, but they find old comics at the bottom of the storage box worth £10 per issue.

Pauline suggests to Arthur that they emigrate to New Zealand. He is shocked.

Mandy visits Hattie and tells her that Steve has a surprise for her at Number 27.

Phil learns of Grant's financial trouble and wonders what he will do. Grant plans to lay low until the associates disappear.

Hattie walks in to find Steve kissing Dawn. She runs off, devastated.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Mike - Rupert Degas
  • Dawn - Colette Brown
  • Shopper - Alex Tetteh-Larty