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Episode 7 of EastEnders (also titled A Perfect Sunday) was first broadcast on 12 March 1985 and was written by Gerry Huxham, directed by Matthew Robinson and produced by, co-creator, Julia Smith.


After Ali apologises to Dan, Ali is allowed again to enter the Vic.

To get Lou to take her on holiday in Clacton and to get her to accept the baby, Arthur insists that the family will have a perfect family Sunday to make Lou happy.

At the Vic, Tony tells Angie of his plans with his son, Kelvin.

While laying the table, Pauline tells Ian that he's to bring up the holiday first as she likes him and meanwhile at the Vic, Arthur arranges with Ethel to get her to talk about the old days in Clacton.

On their day out, Kelvin asks his dad if it's possible that he and his mum will get back together, but Tony says it's too late for that. Kelvin then asks who will get custody of him and Tony says that no one will as he is old enough to choose while his sister won't get a choice due to her age.

Mary learns from Sue about Reg Cox and that he was murdered in her room.

Later at the family dinner, Pauline signals to Ian to bring up the subject of going to Clacton to Lou and Lou agrees to go, but she still doesn't mention the baby.

To sort out the business with Ali getting back in the Vic, Sue and Ali ask Mary to keep an ear out for Hassan for some money and Mary accepts. Sue and Ali go to the Vic to try and persuade Den and Angie to let him back in and they agree.

At the Vic, Lou proposes a toast to her holiday in Clacton before proposing another toast to her new grandson, which leaves the family surprised.




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