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Ian prepares for the big fight, and gets some extra training from Simon. Mary is starting to feel uncomfortable about Annie’s babysitter. Arthur tries his hand at playing private detective. Nick pushes his luck with Pete. Lou’s health becomes a concern. Mary tells Dot a home truth about Nick.

Ian does push-ups to try and get more fit in preparation for his boxing match.

Debbie agrees to consider the marriage between her and Andy, while Andy reminds Debbie that the mortgage is under her name meaning she is still solely responsible for paying it off.

Mary tries to give Sue chocolates as a thank you for looking after Annie, but Sue refuses to take them.

Kelvin winds Tony up after realising he is jealous of Hannah's new boyfriend, Neville Agard.

Arthur gets a camcorder to record Nick taking money off of Kathy to try and get him imprisoned. Nick notices Arthur filming her giving him the money, and tells Kathy that the video does not prove anything. He then torments Pete by asking him to change the two £10 notes that Kathy has given to him for change in front of a police officer.

Mary turns to Pauline to see if she will look after Annie for her. Pauline tells Mary that she will babysit the once as she knows Mary needs money, but reminds Mary that she does not agree with what she is doing. Sue is annoyed by Mary when she learns that Pauline is looking after Annie instead of her.

Whilst out shopping, Lou collapses. Nick rushes to get Doctor Legg while Lou is taken home. Doctor Legg is unavailable so Nick asks a pharmacist what to do. Dot is proud of Nick but is unimpressed by the Beales' lack of respect for him.

Simon coaches Ian at boxing to help get him prepared for the big match.

Ali and Saeed discuss Debbie and their attraction for her. When Debbie walks in, Saeed flirts with her.

Lou denies to accept she collapsed and claims she fell on rotten fruit, but she is not believed.

Dot confronts Mary about her job and is horrified to learn that Nick tried to become her pimp.

Ian punches Simon when he misses the boxing bag.

Ali meets with Lofty and Tony in the Vic and asks Lofty for money so he can use the payphone. As Ali uses the phone, Debbie's phone rings. She answers the phone and confirms it is her nuisance caller; Andy takes the phone off of Debbie and confronts the caller.

Pete and Kathy spend the evening alone together in their flat. Pete tells Kathy that she is the best thing that ever happened to him and reassures her that their relationship will not change.




  • Radio Times synopsis: 'He's got no chance. I've seen him shadow box - the shadow won.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,950,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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