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Phil leaves hospital and questions Sharon on why she did not visit him whilst he was in there. Rachel has had enough of her mother and Ricky receives an eviction letter.

Mark wakes up next to Mandy. She insists they did not sleep together.

Lilian disapproves of Clyde and Michelle staying together at Rachel's house. Rachel argues with Lilian over who stays at her house.

Mandy tells Sam she cannot remember if she slept with Mark or not.

Nigel directs Colin Simpson in Ricky's direction. Colin hands Ricky an eviction notice for the squat. Ricky shares the letter with Mandy, Mark and Sam and tells them they have to go by Thursday or else police force will be used.

Ian develops a cash flow problem at the Meal Machine. Ronnie finds an endowment policy between him and Cindy.

Frank and Pat learn about the squatters being evicted. Pat insists she and Frank cannot house anyone as they are full.

Michelle senses something with Sharon and wants to know what it is, but Sharon will not tell her.

Rachel learns that Lilian has been telling Clyde things about her past. Once alone with her mother, Rachel argues with her. It transpires that Rachel got pregnant at 14 and was coerced into an abortion by Lilian. She insists Lilian leaves the next morning, which she does.


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  • Dot Cotton (June Brown) is credited in this episode although she does not appear.
  • Radio Times synopsis: Ian seeks a desperate solution to his cashflow problems. A man from the council has bad news for the squatters, and Rachel has to face up to her mother and her past.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,240,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).