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After Phil sleeps with Sharon, they have to deal with the aftermath and the possibility that Grant will discover what has happened. Phil makes it clear that he is willing to tell Grant, but when the moment comes, Sharon decides to choose Grant rather than Phil.

Sharon instantly feels regret after sleeping with Phil. She begs Phil to just forget anything ever happened, but he cannot do that. He ends up going downstairs and drinking alcohol to try and forget what happened. Sharon asks him how long he fancied her for. She tells him that she fancies him too. She cannot decide if she wants to stay with Grant or run away with Phil. They discuss the possibility of leaving and never coming back. Phil is aware of the danger he puts himself in if Grant finds out they slept together.

Grant later returns and finds Sharon upstairs. He tells her what he has told Nigel, and insists he cannot live without her. Sharon cannot look at him and they argue.

Phil listens with the bottle of alcohol from the hallway and turns music on in the bar to try and drown out their conversation upstairs.

Grant wonders why Phil is drinking so suddenly and tries to work out what is going on, but Phil refuses to tell him. Sharon interrupts their brotherly conversation and argues with Grant again. Phil sends Grant upstairs to calm down, and once they are alone together again, they argue over whether to tell Grant the truth or not.

Phil gets aggressive and starts pushing Sharon towards the stairs so they can tell Grant everything, but she loses her bottle when she gets there. Phil tells Sharon that if she sleeps with Grant tonight, they are over.

Sharon walks upstairs to talk to Grant again about their relationship. Grant ends up crying and Sharon hugs him. He tells her that the way she is talking makes it seem as though she has cheated. He tells her he could not handle it if she had and expresses his love for her. Sharon invites him to bed. Phil watches them walk into the bedroom together and is saddened.