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Mandy continues to pocket money from the fruit and veg stall. Grant returns and argues with Phil about Sharon. Meanwhile, Rachel is proving unpopular with the market stall holders.

Grant returns to the Square but avoids the Vic.

Mandy oversleeps, so Pete opens the stall.

Tricky Dicky gives Rachel a popularly placed stall, which proves unpopular with the other stallholders who have been in the business longer. Winston makes a remark about Rachel sleeping with Tricky Dicky to get where she wants.

Grant turns up at the Arches. Phil takes him to the café and they argue over Sharon and Grant's lack of responsibility. Frank intrudes on their conversation and manages to wind Grant up, causing him to storm off.

Mandy rushes to the stall and apologises to Pete for her lateness. Pete watches Mandy successfully sells some apples. When he goes to see Big Ron, Mandy pockets the money.

A car owner leaves a motor with Ricky for him to fix.

Ian meets Ronnie Bains, a customer for his catering business. The pair hit it off well.

Rachel is given the cold shoulder by stallholders when she tries to make conversation with them. Tricky Dicky eases Rachel's mind about the stallholders.

Ronnie is irritated when her clients cancel on her.

Rachel's stall is overturned by thugs when Kathy turns her back for a mere second.

Ian agrees to dine with Ronnie to make up for the lost clients.

Sharon learns that Grant is back but has not visited her.

Ricky forgets to charge the car owner for his services.

Frank catches Mandy nicking £20 and informs Pete, who makes her turn her pockets out. He is disgraced by her actions.

Ian meets Ronnie's children. Ronnie invites Ian to stay the night, telling him to see how he feels about her in the morning after they have slept together.


Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Ronnie Bains - Lesley Nightingale
  • Mike - Rupert Degas
  • Craig - Dean Saunders
  • Beth - Adele Silva
  • Car Owner - Pete Bourke



  • Radio Times synopsis: Pete discovers the real cost of employing Mandy. Rachel is shocked by the hostile reaction from her fellow stallholders.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,350,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).