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The Mitchell brothers go out on a stag night, and romance might be in the air for Phil. Pat gets an urgent phone call for help from Lorraine, whilst Frank panics about their financial situation. Pete comes to Ricky and Sam's rescue.

Frank keeps complaining to Pat about Grant, but Pat is not interested.

Several residents are unimpressed with the mess left on the Square from Ricky and Sam's squat party.

Lorraine phones Pat from a hospital bed and begs her for help.

Arthur finishes work on Mrs Hewitt's garden. She tells him that she will miss him and to return in the summer to see how it is looking.

Dot answers the phone to Lorraine whilst Pat is out and writes down a message for her.

Ricky is riled by Grant's comments about him to other people.

Frank receives another letter for his outstanding payments.

The taps stop working at the squat, so Ricky and Sam get Pete to take a look.

Grant argues with Phil over Sharon needing the bathroom. Phil warns Grant not to get on the wrong side of him as he is one of his only friends on the Square.

Frank learns that Lorraine is trying to contact Pat again and advises she stays away from her.

Dot walks into the squat and finds Pete with Arthur, trying to work out what is wrong with the plumbing.

Grant and Phil head on a lads' night out to a restaurant, where Grant and a friend place bets on Phil pulling a lady from the evening. Phil goes to talk to one of the women he sees, Anne, and instantly clicks with her.

Pete manages to get the taps working again at the squat.

Pat is shocked to learn that Frank has an outstanding payment for £11,000.

Water begins leaking down the stairs at the squat as Ricky and Sam sleep.

Phil takes Anne back to the Vic and sleeps with her.

Pat secretly phones Lorraine and tells her she will visit her in hospital, but does not tell Frank.


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