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Mrs Hewitt gets to know Arthur a bit better. Pauline tries phoning Mark at Gill's flat but cannot get through to her. Celestine and Etta plan a family party for some relatives who are recently engaged, but they struggle to persuade Hattie and Lloyd to attend.

Arthur goes searching for Pauline at 2am when she fails to return home following their argument. He returns from his search to find her sat in his chair. She apologises for some of the things she said and tells him they have to sort things out.

Mrs Hewitt is delighted to see Arthur again.

Dot worries about Nick's prison move.

Grant digs at Ricky, unhappy that he bought Sam a puppy when they hardly have any money as it is.

Clyde wants to take Michelle to the family party, but Celestine is against the idea of having her there. Clyde refuses to come to the party without her. Etta secretly tells him to invite Michelle anyway. Hattie decides to plan a party for Ian's birthday and informs Sharon of her plans.

Pauline cries as Michelle listens to her vent about their recent troubles.

Family members arrive at Number 27 and Lloyd takes a shine to Andrea, a childhood friend. They sneak upstairs and have sex during the party. Michelle feels anxious about attending the party, but Clyde persuades her to go. The atmosphere becomes awkward at the party when Clyde turns up with Michelle and Hattie then shows up with Ian.

Pete is concerned and asks if Arthur and Mark are okay; Arthur assures him they are. Michelle pleads with Arthur to talk to Mark before he leaves Walford for good. He then heads home and tries phoning Mark to make amends, but Mark does not answer.

Celestine and Etta are mortified when Lloyd returns with Andrea, and they realise he has had sex with her. Celestine later laughs about the situation. Clyde reveals to Michelle that Celestine did not want her at the party because she is white. She gets offended and calls him prejudiced. Clyde explains his father is not prejudiced; Celestine did not want to upset some members of his family who would take exception to Clyde and Michelle's relationship.

Hattie and Ian return to Number 27 late in the evening, after everyone has gone to bed. She makes Ian a coffee before he comes onto her, thinking she wants them to have sex. Hattie tries pushing him away but is unable to, so knees him in the groin and demands he leaves.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: Etta and Celestine are planning a family party, but the younger Taverniers are reluctant to attend. Meanwhile, Ian is pleased that Hattie appears to be showing him more attention.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 21,810,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).