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Kathy has a confrontation with Pete and Willmott-Brown.

Willmott-Brown opens the door to Kathy but tries to keep Pete out. He is unsuccessful and Pete barges in. Willmott-Brown goes to call the police on Pete but he pulls the telephone cord. Kathy tells the pair to be quiet and she begins expressing her feeling to the both of them about how she felt - to Pete about their marriage breaking down, and to Willmott-Brown for raping her. Willmott-Brown tries using Pete's intimidation and use of Frank, Ian and Big Ron to get Kathy to feel sorry for him. She does not and instead demands an apology from Willmott-Brown over her rape but does not accept his apology when it appears meaningless. Overcome with emotions, Kathy ends up going to the bathroom after throwing some slaps at Willmott-Brown.

Willmott-Brown questions Pete on whether he has ever had sex with a woman when she has not wanted it. Pete insists he has not. Kathy returns and gives Willmott-Brown some more home truths, ensuring he knows just how much she despises him for what he has done. Willmott-Brown ends up going to the bathroom and staring hopelessly into a bottle of tranquilisers.

Kathy tells Pete she overheard what Willmott-Brown had to say to him. They wonder what Willmott-Brown is doing in the bathroom when he does not return for a while. Pete breaks into the bathroom and they find him with pills. Kathy gets Pete to leave her alone with him.

Once Pete has gone, Willmott-Brown admits he was prescribed tranquilisers when he was in prison to help him cope. He gives Kathy a more heartfelt apology and agrees to leave the Square. She tells him she will never accept his apology because he does not deserve the satisfaction of feeling forgiven and then leaves.



  • Albert Square
  • 43 Albert Square - Living room, bathroom and hallway