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Neither Kathy nor Pauline have opened the café and Pete begins to worry. Mark fails to turn up at work on time for Ian for the second day in a row, so he plans to sack him. Rachel supports Kathy.

Pauline has overslept.

Rachel informs Michelle of her intentions to let Mark stay at Number 55 for a while, but insists she wants her to have her say in the matter as well.

Mark kisses Gill before returning to the Square.

Kathy finally turns up at the café to work but her mind is elsewhere, so Pauline tells her to go home.

Mark turns up for work with Ian where he is told he is fired.

Pete follows Kathy home and once they are inside he tries to get hold of the cassette tape to hear what Willmott-Brown had to say. Kathy refuses to let go of the tape and when Pete realises she does not want him to get involved, he heads over to Michelle to get her to help Kathy see sense.

Mark packs his bags at Number 45 and moves in with Rachel, but still agrees to work for Arthur. Rachel is optimistic that she and Mark will work out. She then visits Kathy after overhearing Pete's conversation with Michelle. Kathy pours her heart out to Rachel, telling her about her rape ordeals and Donna Ludlow. Rachel supports Kathy and promises her that she is not to blame for what Willmott-Brown did to her. She then tells Kathy that she thinks her decision to visit Willmott-Brown would be wise. Kathy asks Rachel to go with her to see him.

Pete wants to know where Willmott-Brown has been staying and asks Michelle; she tells him he has been staying at a hotel in North London but cannot remember where exactly. Pete begins phoning hotels around North London, determined to find Willmott-Brown.


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  • Albert Square
  • 3A Albert Square - Kitchen, living room and hallway
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Bridge Street Café
  • 55 Victoria Road - Kitchen and living room
  • Gill's flat - Living room and hallway