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Arthur takes the lead on the firework committee. Sheena tries to talk to Mary into doing what she does for a living. Sue finds out some home truths. Nick and Kathy come to an agreement.

Andy, Arthur, Debbie, Kelvin, Pete, Saeed and Sharon all meet in the Vic to discuss a firework display for the Square. Pete informs Arthur that Ethel and Lou want to join in on the plans for the display, but they are turned down by Arthur. A joint decision is made that Dot, Ethel and Lou will dress as witches to help raise funds for the firework display.

Sue suggests to Ali that they buy a house and start making a new family as the likelihood of the council giving them a house is slim. Ali phones Mehmet to arrange a mortgage and leaves.

Sheena teaches Mary how to dance after Mary expresses interest in becoming a stripper.

Lofty arrives in the Square with a borrowed motorbike. Michelle is fascinated by the bike but is deterred from taking lessons by Den, who tells her to think about the baby.

Debbie talks to Saeed about his shop after hearing he is planning to sell it. Andy is furious with Debbie over her insensitivity towards Saeed.

Tony installs new locks at the launderette following the break-in, while Pauline and Dot agree to no longer keep the launderette keys on them.

Ali's sister-in-law, Guizin, arrives at the café and informs Sue that Ali and Mehmet have been gambling on horses all afternoon. Sue is angry with Ali for lying to her and spending their money.

Debbie meets with Saeed in the café to discuss questions she has if she was to ever take over his shop.

Nick is seen by Doctor Legg, who confronts him over the recent thefts going on. Nick denies being involved in any wrongdoings and seeks pity from Doctor Legg for accusing him.

Simon agrees to live in the Vic and work there full-time.

Kathy burns Pete and Simon's food and bins it when they do not show up for tea. When the pair later return home drunk, Kathy storms off. Outside, she is spooked by Nick, who admits that he stole her medical file and knows that she had a child when she was fourteen. Nick blackmails Kathy for £200 in exchange for his silence.


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