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Clyde and Michelle are nowhere to be found - they have escaped. The Fowlers play the blame game as they struggle to accept Michelle is an accomplice in Clyde's getaway, as the Taverniers continue to worry.

Clyde and Michelle make their way South to Portsmouth. Michelle feels unwelcome from Clyde's silent treatment during the drive. He tells her he wants to focus on getting quickly to the ferry.

The Fowlers play the blame game as they struggle to accept Michelle is an accomplice in Clyde's getaway. Arthur deduces Michelle planned Clyde's escape from the start. Pauline thinks Rachel knows more than she is telling them.

Michelle decides to go with Clyde and the children to France. Clyde is not keen on the idea, thinking she wants to travel with him, and tries to talk her out of it. Feeling unwanted by Clyde, she suggests they go their separate ways when they reach France. She will make a new life for her and Vicki on her own.

Arthur and Pauline head over to Number 55 to get answers from Rachel. Rachel tells them she did not know Michelle was leaving with Clyde, but they do not believe her. Arthur deduces Clyde was staying at Number 55 the whole time. Arthur intends to inform the police about this immediately. Rachel pleads with Arthur to tell the police Clyde was only there last night.

Michelle tries to get Clyde to open up about his future plans when he gets to France; he does not want to discuss it. Clyde argues that he feels smothered by Michelle and she counters that he would not have gotten this far without her help. She tells him to drop her off at the next petrol station if he does not want her around anymore. He apologizes to her, and they soon make up.

DCI Chapman and DS Mullen visit Rachel at Number 55. DCI Chapman interrogates Rachel about Michelle and Clyde, trying to extract more personal information about them from her. DS Mullen searches Michelle's room and finds some of Clyde's personal effects; they know that Clyde was staying there before he escaped with Michelle.

Celestine and Etta learn of Clyde's escape and return home from work early; they are met by Arthur and Pauline outside Number 27. Arthur accuses Clyde of taking Michelle and Vicki. Celestine and Arthur quarrel about Clyde and Michelle's guilt.

Clyde and Michelle arrive at the harbour. Michelle collects Clyde's ferry ticket, which was booked under an assumed name, and buys extra tickets for herself and Vicki, as well as Kofi, using a false car registration number to purchase the tickets.

The Fowlers and Taverniers anxiously await any news from the police investigation. They are beside themselves with worry for Michelle and Clyde.

DCI Chapman threatens to arrest Rachel if she does not cooperate. She confesses that Clyde is heading to Portsmouth harbour. DCI Chapman orders a sweep of the South Coast area to find him.

As they near the embarkation security check, Clyde is increasingly anxious about getting caught. Michelle tells him she used a false registration number which puts Clyde on edge even more, as he suspects they will be stopped and searched. Clyde U-turns the car and drives away from the harbour. They stop to discuss what to do next. Clyde suggests they stay with Karen, who has been living in Portsmouth for a few weeks. Michelle is not pleased with this news but agrees.

They head to Karen's flat and settle in. Karen notices Clyde's injured arm and suggests she takes him to casualty to get it seen to; he reluctantly agrees. The pair head off to hospital as Michelle stays at the flat with Kofi and Vicki, watching them through the window as they leave.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Karen - Adjoa Andoh
  • D.C.I. Chapman - Marian McLoughlin
  • D.S. Mullen - Mark Fletcher
  • Ticket Clerk - Zoe Scott


  • Albert Square
  • 27 Albert Square - Living/dining room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • 55 Victoria Road - Kitchen, living room and hallway
  • Portsmouth Harbour
  • Karen's house - Kitchen and hallway
  • Unknown roads
  • Unknown petrol station