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Rachel panics when she answers the door to the police. Clyde remains hidden and Dot receives a Halloween trick.

Clyde watches on as Michelle talks to DS Mullen and DC Goddard. He frantically prepares to flee via the front door of Number 55 but is stopped by Rachel, who manages to convince him to stay. She pointedly questions his innocence. Michelle calls in for her student grant payment. When Rachel leaves the house, Clyde lies low and makes a phone call to someone. Michelle returns to Number 55 and she and Clyde have another confrontation about her true intentions to help him. He is relieved to find out Michelle did not tell the police where he was hiding.

DS Mullen and DC Goddard question Pauline about Michelle and Clyde's friendship before heading over to Number 55 to talk to Michelle themselves. Rachel is panicked as she answers the door to them. The police inquire about Michelle's relationship with Clyde and his whereabouts, then decide to have a look around the house. Just as DS Mullen goes to look into the spare room where Clyde is hiding, he is stopped and distracted by Vicki, who catches sight of Clyde before she exits the room and closes the door.

Michelle and Rachel are relieved when the police leave without finding Clyde upstairs. They surmise the police do not have enough evidence against Clyde, but he is their only suspect.

After stopping at Number 55 to fetch Vicki, Arthur and Phil take several of the children around the Square trick-or-treating. Dot is annoyed with Phil when he, Kofi and Martin play a trick on her.

Michelle has some home truths for Clyde about his treatment towards her. She is shocked when Clyde reveals he picked up the knife used to kill Eddie Royale, but she still believes he is innocent. Michelle gives Clyde some of her grant money to help him flee the country.

Michelle and Rachel discover Vicki knows Clyde is staying in the house; Rachel is on edge about the situation, but Michelle covers for Clyde not informing them and tells Vicki she was mistaken.

Evening dawns on the Square and the police call off their search for the day. Clyde and Michelle discuss his plans for escaping the Square. He agrees to leave Kofi behind as it is safest. Clyde begins softening his attitude with Michelle and is thankful for her understanding and listening.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • D.S. Mullen - Mark Fletcher
  • D.C. Goddard - Katrin Cartlidge


  • Albert Square
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Turpin Road
  • 55 Victoria Road - Kitchen, living room, spare room, landing and hallway