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Not everyone is happy about Simon moving to Walford. Sue has had a dream that upsets her. Michelle opens up to her gran. Arthur is feeling his age. At the Vic, Angie continues to organise the darts team and a darts competition is held. Debbie turns her attention to business. Nick is up to old tricks and gets hold of some confidential information concerning Kathy.

Michelle awkwardly eyes up Den from across the Square. Arthur offers to buy Michelle a frock to cheer her up.

Sharon pushes Angie to go to a marriage guidance session with Den.

Simon tries to befriend Ian but is unsuccessful. Pete continues to boast about his son's return.

Sue tells Ali about a dream she had about Hassan. Ali tells Sue she needs to stop looking back into the past.

Michelle comes close to telling Lou that Den is the father of her baby, but refrains from telling her. Instead, Michelle tells the family she is deciding to go back to school.

Angie chooses who she wants on the darts team.

Debbie instigates another meeting with Lofty, Ian and Kelvin over Loftelian Enterprises.

Ethel gets customer's laundry in a muddle once again.

Arthur gets in a mood and walks out of the Vic. He tells Pauline that he is in a mood because he has to come to terms with the prospect of becoming a grandfather.

Having gained Ethel's trust, Nick heads back over to the launderette and offers to make her a cup of tea, where in the process he gets Ethel's keys to the surgery cut.

Angie attempts to bring up the possibility of her and Den going to a marriage guidance meeting. Den brushes Angie's remark off and challenges her to a men versus women darts match.

Ian agrees with everything that Debbie says when he, Kelvin and Lofty meet up with her to discuss the future of the business. Debbie tells the boys that they need to think of a more inventive title for the business.

Nick breaks into the surgery and, whilst taking some prescription forms, he finds Kathy's medical notes.

Arthur and Pauline laugh off the fact they will become grandparents as the reality begins to sink in.

The darts match begins at the Vic, and ends with the men winning. Nick enters the Vic after the match and sees Kathy. He gestures to her that he knows something about her, frightening her.




  • Kathy Beale's name is written as "Kathlene Beale" on her medical notes.
  • Radio Times synopsis: "Gran, I love you."
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,600,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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