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Debbie and Andy plan a trip. Kelvin dobs Tony in for a community project. Ali is up to old tricks. Ethel tries to do Dot and Pauline a favour. Angie and Den have dinner at Debbie and Andy’s. Michelle is upset that no one is listening to her and decides to make a long overdue phone call.

Sharon visits Michelle to help her come to terms with recent events.

Angie visits Andy and Debbie to invite Debbie to join the ladies' darts team. Debbie is thrilled to be joining the team, and gets Andy to invite Angie and Den for a meal at their home in the evening.

Dot is delighted to finally get a hospital appointment for her veins.

Ali tells Tony about a friendly poker night he is planning on having in the café.

Ethel sees Pauline and offers to cover her shift at the launderette for her.

Den and Angie snipe at each other behind the bar.

Doctor Legg and Andy talk about the healthcare system and its flaws.

Tony invites Den to the friendly poker night.

In the launderette, Nick and Lofty try to help Ethel when the washing machines overflow and she does not have any change for her customers.

Kathy sits Michelle down and talks to her about rape, asking Michelle if she consented to sex. Michelle reassures Kathy she was not raped.

Sharon expresses to Angie how grateful she is for not being allowed to go on the pill.

Michelle clashes with Arthur when he tells her that it is up to Kathy, Lou and Pauline what they do with her baby.

Angie continues to dig at Den during their meal at Andy and Debbie's house. Den then leaves the meal early to go and play poker.

Michelle overhears Pauline talking to Pete about her having an abortion. She takes the launderette keys from Pauline's bag and sneaks out.

Den returns from the poker night having lost some money, while Tony delights in winning £60.

In the launderette, Michelle phones the father of the baby, and tells him that they need to meet up.




  • Radio Times synopsis: 'I'm pregnant and you're the father.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,100,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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