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Kathy helps Disa come to terms with her ordeal. Mark receives a voicemail.

Kathy tells Disa she must do what is best for her. Disa agrees to stay and talk to Kathy a bit longer. Sandra tries to get into the café but is unable to.

Lorna tries to seduce Mark. He jumps up and claims he is going to get alcohol. Once in the street, Kathy asks him to distract Sandra whilst she runs Disa over to the launderette.

Mark returns home without any alcohol. Lorna feels pushed aside by him and leaves.

Disa heads to flat 23A where Sandra is waiting for her. She tells Sandra everything that Ken did to her. Sandra is in disbelief. She wants them to go and see Ken. Disa reluctantly agrees to see him.

Hattie and Lloyd upset Celestine and Etta when they announce they no longer want to go to church.

Arthur listens to a voicemail on the telephone. It is for Mark, and she goes by the name of Gill. Pauline takes note of Gill's number and hides it from sight of anyone.

Disa and Sandra confront Ken in prison. Ken denies sexually assaulting Disa and her sister, Ginny. Sandra refuses to believe Ken and the pair leave him. Disa considers staying in Walford now she knows Ken will not return, but Sandra begs her to leave with her. Disa agrees to go with her and packs her bags.

Pauline phones Gill but she hangs up when Pauline tells her who she is.

Disa waits to see Diane before she leaves, but Diane is nowhere to be found. Mark finds Diane and she tells him she is looking for Disa. Mark tells her she was getting in a taxi. The taxi leaves with Disa in it. Diane shouts Disa's name as she runs after the taxi. Disa stops the taxi and the pair say goodbye.


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