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At the Vic, Den tries to get things back to normal, but Ethel still manages to surprise him. Lou convinces Michelle to tell Pauline her news. DS Quick is back on the scene, and puts a halt to Lofty and Kelvin‘s retail endeavours. There is some counterfeit money going around.

Sharon makes breakfast for Den but is not happy when he is not grateful for it.

Doctor Legg fears he has upset Ethel. Ethel asks Lofty to take Willy for a walk when she fears he is constipated.

Lou encourages Michelle to talk to Pauline about her pregnancy. Lou tells Michelle she will get Arthur out of the house for a few hours so that her and Pauline can talk.

In the launderette, DS Quick informs Nick and Dot of forged £20 notes circulating around the square.

Lou takes Arthur to his allotment to keep him away from Number 45. Michelle tries to tell Pauline she is pregnant whilst they write christening cards, but Kathy interrupts Michelle just as she is about to tell her.

Kelvin and Lofty sell football sweaters on the market but are caught by DS Quick, who gives them a warning.

Andy worries for Stuart when he is admitted to hospital after swallowing pills by accident, thinking they were sweets. Ethel asks Andy and Debbie to take Willy with them so he can go to the toilet. Ethel later bursts into the Vic, delighted when Willy has finally gone. Ethel then openly accuses Roly of causing the dog mess on the Square.

Michelle and Pauline get another moment alone. Michelle tells Pauline she is pregnant. Pauline comes to terms with the news and tells Michelle that she needs to get a doctors appointment. She supports Michelle, saying she will be by her side.

Kelvin goes to Saeed's shop to exchange a £20 note for £1 notes. Saeed tells Kelvin he cannot accept the £20 note as it is forged. Kelvin is furious and storms off after telling Saeed he knows exactly who gave him the forged money.


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