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Dot frantically runs into the Square and looks for Disa's daughter. Mark returns home with his friends and causes disruption with the noise they make. Eddie wonders how he will pull together a competent quiz team.

Pete takes Dot into the flat to calm her down. He phones Pauline, who goes over and comforts Dot.

Michelle kicks Mark's riotous friends out of the house.

The police arrive and asks Dot questions about the missing baby.

Jules suggests that Celestine and Etta partake in the Vic's quiz team.

Arthur waits in anticipation for a phone call back from Mr Metcalfe.

Disa spots the police pulling up at the flat and flees. She returns the next morning and finds Dot asleep on the sofa. Dot wakes up and breaks the news to Disa that her child is missing. Disa learns the man is called Ken and rushes away.

Hattie learns Etta is going away on a conference in Eastbourne in the half-term holidays and Celestine does not know.

The police note that Dot has reported a child missing before but been inaccurate in the past.

Kathy heads to the Samaritans for another shift.

Mark listens to a voicemail from Mr Metcalfe's secretary on the house phone but then walks off.

Kathy talks to a girl on the phone at Samaritans. She is unaware it is Disa on the other end. Disa tells Kathy she wants to die and then hangs up and runs away.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 23A Albert Square - Living room, bedroom and hallway
  • 27 Albert Square - Kitchen and living/dining room
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Bridge Street Café
  • Turpin Way
  • Samaritans office


  • Mr. Metcalfe's secretary is uncredited despite having off-screen dialogue.
  • Radio Times synopsis: Dot has some explaining to do about the missing baby, but who will believe her story?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,730,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).