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Diane and Mark continue searching for Disa. Eddie asks Kathy to spend Christmas with him. Ian has another catering job for Simon.

Cindy wants to buy Steven a toy for Christmas but cannot afford it, so Pat buys it for her.

Sharon tells Simon she does not think that he and Ian should be working together.

Kathy and Pauline want to ask Pete to give Cindy and Simon money so that they will move away and start afresh, but they do not know how to ask him.

Clyde manages to find out which hotel Pearl is staying at with Kofi and heads off to see them.

Phil is unimpressed to learn Grant has invited Sharon to Scotland with them for Christmas. He tells Grant to get rid of Sharon. Grant tries to but is unable to.

Pete is shocked when Kathy and Pauline tell him they want him to give Cindy and Simon money. They decide to use Arthur as the go-between for Frank and Pete so they can discuss how much money to give the pair.

A Christmas tree is put in the Vic. Grant helps put it in place and almost shares a kiss with Sharon afterwards.

Clyde eventually bumps into Pearl and Kofi and tells them he wants to spend time with his son before they emigrate. He invites them to the house on the morning of the day they fly out. They agree to visit.

Cindy bags herself a job. Simon disapproves of it and cancels her contract with her new workplace. Cindy is angry with Simon.

Arthur talks to Frank about Pete's proposition. Frank says he will only get involved if Pete talks to him himself.

Simon apologises to Cindy for upsetting her.

Mark finds Disa being assaulted by a man. He goes to intervene but flees along with Disa and the man when a policeman spots them all fighting.


Main cast[]

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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • Abercorn B&B - Kitchen, Cindy and Simon's room and hallway
  • 27 Albert Square - Living/dining room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Bridge Street Café
  • Turpin Road
  • Unknown hotel - Hallway and exterior
  • Unknown locations in London


  • The policeman played by an unknown actor receives the 'doof-doof' for this epsiode.
  • Radio Times synopsis: Phil is determined that Sharon shouldn't spend Christmas with him and Grant in Scotland.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,940,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).