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Eddie's past catches up with him when he gets arrested in the Square. Clyde also has a run-in with the police and Grant has an accident at the garage.

Eddie is targeted by police and arrested on Albert Square in front of the local residents, leaving everyone gossiping. Once at the police station, Eddie is questioned by his former colleagues over falsifying criminal evidence. Eddie reminds his colleagues he was acquitted, but this does not stop them wanting him to confess to his role in the corruption.

Celestine and Etta are intrigued by what has happened and want answers from Clyde.

Eddie is released and once he returns home, he visits an old work colleague, Chief Superintendent Dave Penton, who was also involved in the falsifying of evidence. On Dave's boat, the pair talk about the past. Eddie warns Dave that the police are out for internal justice.

Grant accidentally sets fire to a car whilst welding and talking to Sam.

Eddie visits Kathy when he returns from his visit with Dave. Kathy tells Eddie she has "personal matters" to attend to so cannot go out with him. Eddie manages to make Kathy change her mind. Eddie then visits another colleague, Superintendent Alan Millward, to talk about his involvement in the falsifying of evidence. He reassures his friend he has not given anything away. Eddie then heads out for his meal with Kathy, where he tells Kathy what happened whilst he was in the police service. Kathy mentions his acquittal, to which Eddie reminds her it will not stop the service wanting internal justice.

Clyde stands up to a police sergeant at the Vic when he tries to kick a girl out of the Vic for not having ID over her age.

Eddie admits to Kathy he was involved in falsifying evidence.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: The police ask Eddie disturbing questions about his past.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,520,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).