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Pete tries to cling onto his marriage with Kathy. Frank, Pat, Simon and Cindy head out for a meal.

Ian is approached by Mrs Higson, the health visitor for Steven. She upsets Ian when she asks him about Cindy. Unsure what to do about Steven, Ian asks Kathy and Pete out for a meal at a restaurant in the evening. That evening, Kathy and Pete meet at Ian's flat. As they wait for Ian to get ready, Pete gives Kathy a rose. Kathy is grateful for it but advises Pete not to get the wrong idea. Pete gets defensive over the situation and asks Kathy to give him a reason behind their break-up.

Over at the B&B, Cindy, Frank, Pat and Simon all get ready for an evening meal out together, unaware they are going to the same restaurant as Ian, Kathy and Pete.

Ian, Kathy and Pete arrive at the restaurant. Once settled, Ian reaches out to them for advice. It is not long before Pete makes the evening about him and Kathy again, and when Kathy does not give him the answers he wants to hear, he begins getting drunk. Ian talks to Michael Pariss, the owner of the restaurant, as Pete continues to cause a scene.

Frank and Simon then arrive, increasing tensions in the restaurant. Two diners manage to irritate Pete to the point where he smacks one in the mouth. Michael suggests that Ian, Kathy and Pete leave the restaurant, so they do.

Kathy is disgraced by Pete's violence and she and Ian head back to the Square without Pete. Once they are back in the flat, Kathy advises Ian to move on with his life and stop letting Cindy and Simon get in the way.

Pete returns to the Square drunk. Dot notices him and fetches Kathy. Kathy sits with him and they talk. Pete accepts his marriage with Kathy is history. She kisses him and then leaves him alone on the bench again.


Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Michael Pariss - Matthew Line
  • Waiter - Barry McArthur
  • Mrs Higson - Angela Phillips
  • Diners - Michael Chance, Jason Emmanuel


  • Albert Square
  • 3C Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • Abercorn B&B - Kitchen and hallway
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Bridge Street Café
  • Unknown restaurant
  • Unknown street