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Mo cleans the steps outside the B&B with marmalade. Pauline arranges a job interview for Mark at Tates Paints. Sharon continues to pay back debts, leaving her more financially stable at the Vic than returning to her old flat.

D.C. Hallum visits Cindy and Simon over the missing shotgun.

Lloyd recovers at home and is pampered with kindness, which he does not enjoy. He gets irritated when he find out Hattie has completed his history project for him.

Arthur offers Mark work with him, unaware that Mark has an interview at Tates Paints. He gives Mark a package to send-off at Phil's request.

Grant and Phil start moving into their new flat. They learn that Sharon is not returning to her old flat and want to buy it off her, so Grant tries flirting.

Ian has a big catering order on his hands and tries to employ Sharon to help him. She agrees but wants £40 for her labour.

Frank pays Dot for helping out at the B&B, but Mo catches the exchange of money and accuses Dot of being a prostitute.

Celestine has a meeting with Lloyd's headmistress. The headmistress suggests that Lloyd should talk to his friends about his condition.

Frank apologises to Dot for Mo's behaviour. Dot tells Frank that she knows what is wrong with Mo as her uncle had the same condition. Frank asks her what happened to her uncle, Dot tells him that he died.

Lloyd lashes out at Hattie for intervening with his history project.

Pauline is furious with Mark for skipping the interview. Mark tells Pauline he has a job with Arthur. Arthur buys Pauline an expensive dress. She is flattered.

Cindy lets herself into Ian's flat and tries talking sense into him. Ian promises her that he will get Steven and notices she is scared.

Mark goes to hand the package to the appropriate person, but notices the area seething with police.

Ian takes the shotgun to a canal and throws it in.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • D.C. Hallum - Peter Barnes
  • Headmistress - Shahnaz Pakravan



  • This episode, along with the next one, was to be broadcast on the Drama channel on 27 September 2019. However, it was skipped as the rights could not be obtained.
  • When Grant Mitchell is talking to Sharon Watts he refers to Phil as Steve by mistake.
  • Radio Times synopsis: The police are looking for a missing shotgun. Cindy suspects she knows who has it.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,400,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).