Louise tells Keanu she is fed up of not knowing where she stands with him, so he visits Phil for advice - but is shocked by the response. Ruby helps Stacey get closure over Archie before heading to court to hear Matt's testimony. Lola realises Billy is still pining for Honey, so she hatches a plan to help, and Jean and Shirley prepare to face their fears.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Tracey - Jane Slaughter
  • Matt Clarkson - Mitchell Hunt
  • Ross Swinden - Ossian Luke
  • Laura - Elinor Lawless
  • Claire Amartey - Eva Fontaine
  • Gareth Woodington - Timothy Bentinck
  • Sarah Jones - Clara Indrani
  • Judge Davies - Robert Benfield
  • Clerk of the Court - Harrison Knights
  • Judy Foreperson - Carol Walton
  • Alex - Jeremy Ang Jones
  • Ruth - Natalie Lester


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