The Walford East promo night takes place; Iqra meets Kush, and they are attracted to each other. Kathy tells Habiba and Iqra that as Masood has sold his share, they will get no money from the event. Wanting to know where he stands, Jay calls Ruby, but she ignores it. Rainie meets Lewis, with whom she spent the night, but he says they only kissed; Lewis then talks to Ruby about his website and fondles her, so she tells him to leave. DS Todd arrests Ruby after a former employee, Blake Turner, alleges that she sexually assaulted her. At home, Habiba and Iqra talk about owing money to their father because Iqra has run away from an arranged marriage. Jean decides to get rid of all the sugary foods in the house so everyone can have a healthier lifestyle; Stacey is concerned, thinking her bipolar disorder is responsible and asks her to see a doctor. Mick insists to Linda that the Vic will be fine with his mother, looking after it while they are away.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: Ruby braces herself for the event she is managing for Walford East - and while she manages to upset both Iqra and Jay, the police arrive in the Square in search of her. Iqra and Habiba are shocked to learn they have a new manager, Mick orders Linda and Shirley to call a truce and Jean is on edge about her health. A hungover Rainie worries about her drunken one-night stand.
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